Bus Garage Workshop Pits

Recent project completed for Metroline to provide Anti-Slip Chevron markings around their workshop bus pits to create a visible edging to ensure pedestrian & Vehicle Safety when working in their proximity.

The surface was highly contaminated with oil, grease & other fluids produced from a busy workshop environment. Diamond Grinding was used to create a clean, dry, smooth surface to apply our Anti-slip product.

A primer was applied to the new surface, to ensure good adhesion. Our product was laid as per our customer specification & sealed to ensure longevity & allow for easier cleaning.

Workshop Walkway

Recently completed Workshop Walkway within a Metroline Bus Garage service area. The existing floor was prepared using diamond grinders to remove oil, grease and other contaminates to create a clean dry surface. Then a 1 pack PU Anti-Slip product was applied to create a hard wearing non-slip Walkway within the workshop area to allow staff to have clear routes to office/welfare areas & emergency exits.

Social Distancing Line Marking BMW Oxford Mini Plant

TM Linemarking Ltd have installed temporary Line Markings in and around the BMW Mini Plant in Oxford to allow Employees to return to work in a safe environment.

2m markings & separation lines have been installed in all social areas, including entrance turnstiles, walkways, plant buildings, entrances & exits, smoking areas & other areas where social distancing is required.

Work has also been carried out in & around the Visitor & Contractor centre to allow both Security Staff & Visitors to maintain a 2m distance, whilst interacting to gain access to the factory.